Students of the Russian Chemical Technical University and MIREA visited the career guidance tour at the scientific institutes of Rosatom - ВНИИХТ
Students of the Russian Chemical Technical University and MIREA visited the career guidance tour at the scientific institutes of Rosatom

3rd-4th year students of the Russian University of Chemical Technology named after V.I. D. I. Mendeleev and the Russian Technological University “MIREA” visited the sites of three research institutes that are part of the chemical and technological cluster (CTC) of the scientific division of the State Corporation “Rosatom” with a career guidance tour.

They got acquainted with the work of the laboratories of the testing center, synthesis and research of new materials, visited the department of rare earth metals and metallurgical processes, low-temperature semiconductor compounds. From the lecture of the staff of the museum complex, they learned about the history of the development of the nuclear industry, about modern research work to create new materials for the domestic industry.

“Modern science shapes the worldview of people, is closely linked with technological progress, helps to solve the problems facing the country and society, and develop programs to solve them. Our museum exposition clearly demonstrates how rare-earth and non-ferrous metallurgy developed, what materials were in demand in different years of the development of Russian industry. Our scientists give lectures, participate in city scientific festivals and other events that polarize science. Today it is very important for the formation of a new generation of specialists who are ready to devote their lives to science, research and technological development of our country,” said Evgeny Fedorov, head of the External and Internal Communications Group.

During the excursion, students were interested not only in history, industrial and scientific topics. The employees of the institutes paid much attention to questions from the guys about summer practice, scientific internships and employment at the scientific institutes of Rosatom.

“The staff of the Laboratory of Metallurgical Processes has long been involved in the preparation and conduct of technical tours for students and schoolchildren. This is a great opportunity not only to demonstrate to the younger generation the high level of our developments, but also to acquaint them with the profession of a scientist and engineer. In my opinion, this is especially important for children at the stage of choosing the direction of professional development. So, schoolchildren will be able to decide whether they are ready to make efforts in chemistry and physics in order to lay the foundation of their scientific knowledge, and students will understand which elements of the periodic table to fuse with each other to make an interesting and effective diploma that can be applied in practice in serious , a high-tech company,” shared Chernyshev Bogdan, a junior researcher at HTK.

Since 2022, the museums of the Chemical Technology Cluster of the Science Division of Rosatom State Corporation have been participants in the Popular Science Tourism initiative of the Decade of Science and Technology.

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The chemical-technological cluster unites three institutes of the scientific division of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom. The main idea of forming a chemical-technological cluster is to create conditions for the production of new materials, polymers, ultra-pure materials, the development of nanotechnologies, and more, based on scientifically based and technologically feasible integrated solutions.


Popular science tourism is included in the program of the Decade of Science and Technology (2022-2031), aimed at attracting talented young people to science and popularizing relevant scientific research. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the holding of the Decade of Science and Technology from 2022 to 2031. Among the tasks of the thematic Decade are attracting talented youth to the field of research and development, promoting the involvement of researchers and developers in solving the most important tasks of the development of society and the country, as well as increasing the availability of information about the achievements and prospects for the development of science for Russian citizens.


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