The Radiation Control Testing Laboratory (ILRK) of JSC VNIIHT is the legal successor of the Basic Laboratory of VNIIHT, founded in the early 1950s. Currently, the ILRK team consists of seven highly qualified employees – one of which is a professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, three candidates of sciences, a full-time postgraduate student of NRNU MEPhI and two experienced radiochemists.

ILRC takes part in radio monitoring of Rosatom sites, as well as in the work of JSC “VNIIKhT” according to the thematic plan. Over the past few years, two own research works have been carried out on the verification of cesium-137 transmutation using aerobic syntrophic association (SA) together with a set of macro- and microelements and the study of americium sorption from model solutions of liquid radioactive waste using modified solid-phase extractants based on THEN.

On the basis of act No. 505.001 (OSI) dated March 05, 2020, it certifies that the Testing Laboratory for Radiation Control of JSC “Leading Research Institute of Chemical Technology” (Moscow) of the State Corporation “Rosatom” has the conditions necessary to perform measurements in the assigned laboratory areas of activity. Certificate No. 95.0424-2020 (according to the industry register of laboratories of organizations of the State Corporation Rosatom that have passed the assessment of the state of measurements) is valid until March 05, 2021.

  • Scope of accreditation ILRK:
  • measurements by spectrometry and radiochemistry methods for radiation monitoring of atmospheric elements (atmospheric precipitation)
  • hydrospheres (surface, underground and storm water, bottom sediments)
  • lithosphere (soils, soils)
  • wastewater
  • building materials
  • fertilizers and ameliorants
  • mineral raw materials,
  • solid and liquid technological materials
  • finished products and production waste.

ILRK is equipped with measuring instruments and auxiliary equipment that allows monitoring the specific/volume activity of natural and man-made alpha-, beta- and gamma-emitting radionuclides at levels that meet the requirements of NRB-99/2009, as well as according to the technical specifications for raw materials and finished products. A more detailed list of research and testing objects, types of analysis and a list of equipment can be found here.

Email address for contacting ILRK: klochkovanv@vniiht.ru.