Fission chambers of neutron flux sensors - ВНИИХТ
Fission chambers of neutron flux sensors

Registration of neutron fluxes in the core of nuclear reactors on fast and thermal neutrons VNIIKhT technology provides actinide-oxide radiators on the surface of electrodes of various profiles: flat and tubular, incl. microchannel (diameter from 1 to 5 mm). Actual solution for providing CPS for mobile nuclear installations and promising types of reactors.

Application in nuclear power plants
Application on nuclear submarines, icebreakers
Measurement of the neutron flux in the cores of new generation nuclear reactors (BN type) and thermal neutron reactors.

Consumer characteristics:

  • Increased resistance to temperature cycling from: 20 to 450°C
  • High sensitivity to a flux of fast neutrons with a density of 1010 neutrons/(cm2 × s)
  • High sensitivity to thermal neutron flux with a density of 106 neutrons/(cm2 × s)
  • Operability at temperatures of 350-600°С.


The proposed thermal destruction technology is the only alternative to the electrolysis method. Use for the manufacture of radiators with 90% enrichment in the isotope 235 U instead of 99.998% with the provision of functional parameters of the fission chambers.

Improvement of technical and operational characteristics, a significant reduction in labor costs with an increase in the “price / quality” indicator of products (fission chambers).

Groundwork for the development and production of new types – complex profile, microchannel, multinuclide – fission chambers. The duration of the manufacturing process of radiators is reduced by 7-9 due to the use of efficient surface oxidation processes.

Production of radiators of various component composition for neutron fluxes of various energies (various types of reactors).


Know-how – A method for scaling the thermal destruction process for obtaining microchannel radiators based on thorium dioxide (ThO2) and a device for its implementation»

Know-how – Method for removing organic impurities in radiator materials of fission ionization chambers

Know-how – Protective device for the electrodes of fission ionization chambers during electrolysis removal of the radiator from the technological sections of the product.