International Activity - ВНИИХТ
International Activity

VNIIHT supports scientific communications with the various international organizations – the international agency on an atomic energy (IAEA), Agency on an atomic energy of the Organization of economic cooperation and development (NEA/OECD) – and national organizations and science centres of some countries (the European organization of the nuclear researches, the joint institute of nuclear researches, STUK, CERN, MNTTs). Experts of institute participate in international project TACIS directed on rehabilitation of the polluted territories in Russia. Now VNIIHT carries out the international cooperation with the USA, Finland, Germany, France, Czechia, Japan, China, Korea, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and Uzbekistan in following directions:

  • Development and introduction of ecologically safe technologies (processing of liquid radioactive waste, sorption-extractive selection and separation of elements with preparation of pure compounds and metals, production of ozone safe Freons, fluoride technologies, underground and heap leaching of radioactive, nonferrous, rare and precious metals, etc.);
  • Directing of leading experts for short-term rendering the technical help, analytics, etc.;
  • Research of samples of ore from foreign deposits with a view of a choice of rational technology and the equipment for processing mineral raw material;
  • Training and preparation of experts from abroad.

VNIIHT experts participate in the largest international exhibitions, forums, congresses, conferences and symposiums, spent as in Russia, and abroad. Participation of the enterprise in exhibitions promotes strengthening of the international trade and economic relations, development of export opportunities, determination of perspective lines of investment, an establishment of business relations and carrying out of direct negotiations with foreign commodity producers and Customers. For participation in exhibitions and forums the collective of institute was repeatedly awarded with certificates of honour, diplomas and medals. Scientific contacts of experts on the international symposiums and conferences allow to trace new directions in a science, to support prestige of institute up to the mark. Works of VNIIHT experts have meritorious prestige with scientific universities of the Europe, America and Asia, and also with experts of leading firms.