Career - ВНИИХТ

The system of attracting young people in JSC “VNIIKhT”

To ensure the greatest interest of young specialists who entered JSC “VNIIKhT” immediately after graduation, VNIIKhT has a set of scientific and organizational measures:

  • there is a mentoring system, bonuses for participation in the production of scientific products;
  • young scientists are given the opportunity of internships (including abroad) as part of training under the “Presidential Program”;
  • partial payment of transport costs;
  • there is a council of young specialists: excursions and lecture and educational events, evenings of rest, lectures of specialists are held. The tradition of skits among physicists was founded by Niels Bohr and the founding fathers of Soviet nuclear physics. “Physicists are joking” – this was the name of the collection of jokes of the “Obninsk lyricists” who played the first game “Obninsk-Dubna”, which later became the same KVN to which we have become accustomed for several decades. At present, the KVN movement of nuclear cities and universities is gradually reviving;
  • scientific symposiums and conferences of young scientists are often held with the awarding of the best works, the selection of promising young people with the provision of career growth for them;
  • places for graduate students in the hostel have been created.

JSC “VNIIKhT” provides an opportunity for internships and internships for students of specialized universities:

  • RCTU named after D.I. Mendeleev,
  • MISiS,
  • MITHT named after M.V. Lomonosov,
  • MEPhI,
  • Russian State Technical University named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze,
  • Moscow Technical University,

There are also ample opportunities for students from other universities.