History ECTP


The history of the pilot plant begins in 1940, when the resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council of Ministers of the USSR on the development of the cobalt industry in the country was adopted. The resolution provided for the urgent construction in Moscow of a pilot plant of the Mintsvetmet for the production of cobalt from the cinder obtained by roasting the Pyshminsky sulfide concentrate in the process of manufacturing sulfuric acid.

The first workshop for the hydrometallurgical extraction of cobalt from the cinder was launched on January 1, 1940. In May 1946, installation No. 3 was transferred by the decision of the government to the First Main Directorate under the Council of Ministers of the USSR and subordinated to NII-9. In accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers, installation No. 3 was transferred to the balance of NII-10.

Since 1951, the intensive development of the material and technical base and the social sphere of the installation began. Construction of new production facilities, plant infrastructure, and housing stock was carried out; production shops were equipped with the most modern equipment, which allows checking any technological schemes for processing ore raw materials.

In 1968, an order was issued by the minister on the reorganization of an experimental chemical-technological plant into the Experimental Chemical-Technological Plant of VNIIKhT. By this time, the installation had turned into a modern enrichment and hydrometallurgical enterprise, which made it possible to give it the status of a plant. N.S. was appointed the first director of the plant. Bogomolov, who worked in this position until 1975.
The initiators of the creation of the plant were the director of the Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR A.P. Zefirov and Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR B.N. Lascorine; direct executors – the director of the plant N.S. Bogomolov and his deputy A.D. Slonim – it was under their leadership that all work was carried out on the reconstruction of the plant and its operation, as well as on the development of the social sphere.

Since 1975, A.A. Matveev, who replaced N.S. Bogomolov.

From 1951 to 1992, the main activity of the plant was a semi-industrial verification of technological schemes and individual operations developed at VNIIKhTe. The main types of raw materials were uranium and gold ores. Periodically, tests were carried out on the processing of ores of rare metals and phosphorus ores.

Since 1992, the main activity of the plant was terminated due to lack of orders and the main workshops were mothballed. Particular attention was paid to the preservation of the infrastructure of the plant.




Installations No. 3 of Glavnikelkobalt NKCM USSR:

– Zadikyan Arshak Avetisovich from 01/25/1940 to 04/17/1941;

– Grigory Stepanovich from 12/26/1942 to 02/01/1946;

– Lagoshin Yuri Yakovlevich from 04/18/1941 to 12/25/1942;

– Dubrovsky Ivan Pavlovich from 02/25/1946 to 09/14/1948.



– Slonim Alexander Donovich Acting from 1948 to 1951;
– Bogomolov Nikolai Sergeevich from 1951 to 1975;
– Matveev Anatoly Alexandrovich from 1975 to 2003;
– Pogasyan A.A. from 2003 to 2010;
– Tatarinov A.V. from 2010 to 2014-2015;
– Semin M.V. from 2015-15 to 2019;
– Mishchenko I.S. from 2019 to present